The Colonel's Oodles of Boodles Dry Martinis for Two

6 ounces Boodles British Gin (It's simply the best Martini Gin on Earth!)
Spritz of Dry Vermouth
Crushed Ice
4 Pimento stuffed queen sized olives

Place some of the crushed ice into two martini glasses and fill with water. This helps to chill the glasses. Place the remaining ice into a cocktail shaker. Top ice with a spritz of vermouth. The Colonel keeps his vermouth in a perfume atomizer. Add the Boodles, then cover and shake vigorously. Empty the two prepared martini glasses and strain martini mixture evenly into the glasses. Into each glass add two large pimento stuffed olives, and another spritz of vermouth. Forget about driving. Cheers!

Copyright 1999, Colonel St. James

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